Gransfors Bruk Axes

It's no ordinary tool that turns a wilderness into a country.

An axe as high-quality as this deserves packaging designed with just as much detail and thought.
Each axe is packaged in a hand-crafted wooden box, alongside a grain-leather sheath and sharpening stone.

Laser-engraved messages capture the spirit of Gransfors Bruks axes and those who use them.

For those of us who don't like to waste a good tools potential, here are some paper targets for you to throw your Gransfors at.

Chances are, if you're using this tool properly, you're either hunting or camping. For those terrible moments when you're doing neither, Gransfors Bruk has created "Wilderness to Country."

Claim your spot within the ranks of vikings and conquerers with Gransfors Bruks "Make Your Own Swedish History" mad libs.

Gotta have that radio!