We were asked to bring a foreign product or service to the United States; instead we created an activist group to parody the country’s fear of metrication.

The goal was to create a group so idiotic, people would rather learn the metric system that rally behind them.

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PAMI supporters voicing their opinions and observation about the danger that comes along with the metric system.

" Did you know that worldwide, the majority of deaths happen to people who use the metric system? "

-Agnes Walker-Jackson

"The government may be able to fool the rest of the sheep, but they'll never pull the wool over me."

-Thomas Fletcher

"The metric system is nothing but a government cover-up to hide the fact that aliens crashed outside of Boulder City, Nevada on august 9th 2004."

-Stephen Stevens

"It had always been us, Burma, and Libera, the three amigos, fighting against the metric system. But once Burma folded, it was only a matter of time."

-Jacob DuClaw




Country legend, and PAMI supporter, Hankey Pankey sings his hit single "Why Should I Change My Ways?"

CW-Emily Hovis
XD-Mikaila Weaver
CS-Claire Glisson
CS-Caitlin Kearney
CBM-Ashley Stanfield