Skilcraft Pens

The main benefactor and #1 client of Skilcraft Pens is the U.S. Government.

Two things we can learn from our Government employees: how to waste time and how to cover our tracks. Tiny puzzles and games come inside each Skilcraft pen to offer the user a break from the daily grind, as well as a place to stash the evidence.

A pen made for a bureaucrat should be packaged in something a bureaucrat is used to seeing.

Obviously, it should come with a tiny legal pad, too.

Most of these pens can be found at the DMV or the Post Office. Feel free to try them...then take them.

Skilcraft pens are made by blind people in factories located in Wisconsin and North Carolina.
Skilcraft would sponsor vanity plates in those states.

Skilcraft's pens are made to last as long as your career, so what better way to say 'thank you' for a lifetime of reliable servitude then with a Skilcraft mini monument?